Tell me,  why is there so much pain, sorrow, suffering and misery, can you?
Why is there deception, foul notions coated with false promises, can you?
Describe the point of having a best friend when they won’t listen to you carefully, can you?
Explain the reason behind your excuses of taking me for a long time ride, will you?
Understand my pain through my collapsed soul, aching heart and broken bones, don’t you? 
Contemplate the misconceptions, misjudgments, misdemeanors and misconstrues, would you?
Distinguish the good from bad and the ugly, seeing the pure beauty and simplicity all inside, would you?
Take back what you put me through through a decent comeback and a warm hug with the determined attitude and a forever love, will you?
Why does it take you so hard to enter when i put the door on the latch waiting for your return and a blissful smile, manifest – won’t you?
Tested me enough with the all ups and downs of life but still torturing my wounded heart and mind and soul with your callousness. Justify it all would you?
If you don’t then at least fill me up with the answer why, would you?



Author: rohullahm

Age: old enough to know better but still need to learn. Biggest fear: that someone will find my diary. Every day starts with: an alarm. Favorite song: temporary home. Hometown: parents migrating, i was born probably in the 3rd country they went, then moved to another country and right now am living in another with the intention of moving to another. As a matter of fact, i don't consider myself from any scrap but genreally an earthean. In love with: myself. Killed someone?: nope only a duckling, a conary and a puppy by accident that i regret it to this day with tears. (Was 9 -10 - 11 when it happened) Cry: yes when i read my stories, when someone is going through bad time. When someone dies and when my friends are turning out to be two faced lying evils. Number of siblings: dad, mommys, 4 sisters, 7 brothers, -1 was shot in basketball court, toronto by robbers whom he tried to stop their assault on ladies. vacation destinations: istanbul, ireland, peru, romania, saudi arabia, iceland...more Favorite food: pizza, soup, ashak. Favoritr fruit: mandarin, watermelon, pineapple Favrotie drink: carrot juice Favorite author: john grisham Favorite singer: michael jackson, yusuf islam, carrie underwood, jordan smith, jessie j, britney, sia. Favorite movie: schindlers list Favorite book: ford county Favorite drama: will & Grace Religion: interfaith Eye color: hazel hair color: brown Height: 5'9 Education: some college, a lot of training workshops, self studies and much more. Work experience: been working since 2007 Turn on: happy faces, funny people, peace, music and love Turn off: attitude, drama, fake people, war and descrimination Hobbies: dancing, singing, writing, reading, social networking and playing game.

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