Don’t Lose who you are

The persepctive of having a self trust allows the courage in you to crawl further out on the limb allowing you to listen to your own opinion without the nagging voice of well wishing, but fearful friends, whose sincerest wish is to shield you from failure, while they only succeed in protecting you from success, where the worst thing  would be listening to the tiny critics inside your own head that concoct the wildest scenes possible of failure, carnage and ambition ruin.

what takes you to stay on course is your self-Consciousness, trust, vision and call for the quest and the resistance recognition for all the fears and doubts within yourself. After finding the trust in yourself, there is a need for looking it in the others that could help breed loyalty, empowerment and encouragment into others. To show the parralel of better parenting where you could do better not to crush a child’s spirit or make them feel worthless but rather giving them the room to grow their creativity and learn from their mistakes. They will not only be inspired to your cause, but also rise to your challenge and, further, act on your call.

Self-reliance is the ability to make your own decisions confidently and independently, different than how others put in their opinions about us . It is also important to view conformity and obedience in the context of social relations between the group and the self where society also affects the up bringing of you. We can see that if born in a rich family you are subjected to different atmosphere than a person who is born in a poor family. In a poor family you start to help in the expenses of the house by working in addition to your education if you have any. On the other side, in a rich family your education and family is the most important thing that develops your self-conscious. Many people under the self-conscious influence force develop personhood, which differentiates in each of us into a range of tendencies ranging from movement toward soul to movement toward the self-centered ego causing us to believe that we posses power. When you are with your group of friends, it is not easy to speak your mind or do the things you would like to do because you fear that you would make the worst or wrong decision. You fear the embarrassment that the group would disagree with your decision; evidently, you have to consider their favors. Ruggiero states the individual is “behaving as others do is conformity. In some situation conformity is the wisest course of action ¦ in contrast, mindless conformity is unreasonable and in many cases unreasoning. Conformity in John F’s definition is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. it cannot coexist with free thinking but rather greatly oppose each other. Many people who try to invent something are not successful because they are afraid to break the confines of the outline. Mean that the people are so accustomed to thinking like everybody else, they are afraid to explore the possibilities of their mind. They can’t picture something that already isn’t there. Often a person will see something that was invented and wonder why they never thought of something so simple. The answer is very uncomplicated. they didn’t break the confines of the out line. Normally, when people do a puzzle, they will have to think about the answers, sort of like a maze. If what they first try doesn’t work then they have to try another direction to see if something else will work. Those people, even though they don’t know it have just thought outside the box deciding that rather than quitting, they are going to keep trying, and see if they can find another way to do it. Accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy. When you are feeling good about yourself your day will go by so much better. Learning how to love yourself is a key ingredient for happiness. Self love is at the very core of wellbeing, joy, self-empowerment, and our ability to  enjoy the kind of life we want. Even if you had everything else in your life exactly the way you wanted it, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if you weren’t at peace with yourself.


Author: rohullahm

Age: old enough to know better but still need to learn. Biggest fear: that someone will find my diary. Every day starts with: an alarm. Favorite song: temporary home. Hometown: parents migrating, i was born probably in the 3rd country they went, then moved to another country and right now am living in another with the intention of moving to another. As a matter of fact, i don't consider myself from any scrap but genreally an earthean. In love with: myself. Killed someone?: nope only a duckling, a conary and a puppy by accident that i regret it to this day with tears. (Was 9 -10 - 11 when it happened) Cry: yes when i read my stories, when someone is going through bad time. When someone dies and when my friends are turning out to be two faced lying evils. Number of siblings: dad, mommys, 4 sisters, 7 brothers, -1 was shot in basketball court, toronto by robbers whom he tried to stop their assault on ladies. vacation destinations: istanbul, ireland, peru, romania, saudi arabia, iceland...more Favorite food: pizza, soup, ashak. Favoritr fruit: mandarin, watermelon, pineapple Favrotie drink: carrot juice Favorite author: john grisham Favorite singer: michael jackson, yusuf islam, carrie underwood, jordan smith, jessie j, britney, sia. Favorite movie: schindlers list Favorite book: ford county Favorite drama: will & Grace Religion: interfaith Eye color: hazel hair color: brown Height: 5'9 Education: some college, a lot of training workshops, self studies and much more. Work experience: been working since 2007 Turn on: happy faces, funny people, peace, music and love Turn off: attitude, drama, fake people, war and descrimination Hobbies: dancing, singing, writing, reading, social networking and playing game.

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